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“Precept Upon Precept” the taunt of the Priests mocking God & His Prophets

Do we need writings (like the bible) to know what to do to enter the kingdom of Heaven and know God? No. The prophets didn’t and neither do we. We just need to love one another, treat each other how we would want to be treated, seek justice and righteousness and grant mercy to others. That law is written on our hearts.

The truth of salvation is very simple. So the prophets spoke out plainly against trying to bribe the creator with sacrificed animals instead of just repenting.

Now we speak out against those who reject repentance and choose to rely on sacrificing a human man (Jesus/Yehoshua).

He came to teach “the way” to the Father and he did. He never came to be a sacrifice to satisfy a blood-thirsty “god”. No blood-thirsty god exists, except in the mind of the spiritually deaf people who reject the simple truth needed to no longer being a slave to sin. Just stop sinning. Do what’s right. Love with mercy, and do justice and righteousness.

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